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How does it feel when ‘migration’ and ‘memories’ collide and converge?

When artists are compelled to leave their homeland and relocate to new environments the effect on their art and creative expressions are subsequently affected or influenced by their journey as well as what they carry inside albeit transitory or deeply rooted.

At the beginning of this project, a dialogue was started on the forgotten artists who have seemingly been lost and those who have kept their work aside to pursue putting their lives back in order—some continue working on new

materials while some are not quite sure if to continue or not. Migration Memory Encounters was thus formed to create a platform for the various art forms from migrant artists to showcase their work and begin a vital conversation with the Swedish society.

Fredrik Elg

co-manager for the Museum of Movements in Sweden

Parvin Ardalan

project manager for Migration Memory Encounters since Dec 2016, part of the team developing the Museum of Movements, activist and journalist

Jude Dibia

project manager for Migration Memory Encounters (Dec 2016 - June 2018), manager of Fristad program employed by the City of Malmö Culture Department and writer




in collaboration with

Roozbeh janghorban.jpg

Roozbeh Janghorban

documentary filmmaker and photographer

Karim Mortada.JPG

Karim Mortada

graphic designer, artist


Mamak Babak Rad

project group member, coordinator, and pedagogue


Ana María Bermeo Ujueta

project group member and socially engaged museologist


Temi Odumosu

project group member, researcher cultural heritage and cultural production at Malmö University

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