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MME 1.1 -  December 2 nd and 3 rd 2016. Venue:  Moriska Paviljongen and Inkonst in collaboration with Safe Havens Conference. The inaugural event  focused on theatre and dialogue.


A lecture on ‘The Civil Repair’ was delivered by Laid Bouakaz and explored various angles of the migrant motivation and engagement with society.





After the performances, Jude Dibia and Canadian-South African writer, Kagiso Molope with South African journalist Michael Schmidt along with members of the cast engaged in a lively conversation surrounding the effects of migration on the artist’s craft.






Livet I Två Bitar

This drama piece explored the impact of forced migration and resettlement in a new land. It also tackled the themes of longing, ageing and returning. This piece was performed by Suzanna Santrac and Zeljko Santrac.



Svalan was a pantomime performance written and performed by Faryad Sayadi and Elnaz Akbari. This heartfelt piece also explored forced migration due to war and displacement. Even though there were no words spoken through out the piece, the universal story of love and longing in the time of war was well captured. (Fun fact: This piece was written specifically for MME and its performance on the 3 rd of December was the first time the actors performed it in public. It was also Elnaz Akbari’s debut).

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