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The visual arts took the center stage for the next Migration Memory Encounter. Four artists covering painting, photography, cartooning and graphic design exhibited, for a moth long, their thought-provoking pieces at the Malmö Stadhus. Nirvana Safari Zonouzy, Karim Mortada, Amalia Avarez and Nazim Benli shared with us some of their controversial artworks and photography that, in some cases, put them at risk in their homeland.


The photography of Nazim Benli captures haunting moments of people as they make their way to a new life in a new land. The inaugural exhibition opened on the 7 th of April at Malmö Stadhus with opening remarks delivered by Fredrik Elg, Head International Relations Malmö City. Each of the artists took the spotlight briefly to discuss their work, inspirations behind each piece as well as the politics of displacement.










comics artist & Illustrator

Amalia Alvarez är en chilensk-svensk författare och serietecknare, med rötter i den indianska Likan Antai kulturen i Atacamaöknen.
2013 utgavs hennes seriealbum "Fem papperslösa kvinnors historier" och utsågs till "årets bästa seriealbum" av användarna på webbsajten och litteraturmagazinet utnämnde boken till
"Bästa socialrealismen" på sin lista över
"de bästa svenska serierna 2013". 



2016 utgavs Amalias andra bok: "Fem historier om prostituerande." som handlar om personer som definierar sig själva som prostituerade, och i boken beskriver dem "Los Prostituyentes", de s.k. "klienterna".
Radio P1:s Jenny Teleman har nyligen utnämnt boken till en av årets mest originella serieböcker. 2017 kommer Amalia Alvarez att lansera 5 fanzines med
antirasistiska, antipatriarkala och postkoloniala teman.

Amalia har en permanent utställning på Teknikens och sjöfartens hus, inom ramen för projektet "Women Making HERstory".



Nirvana Safari, born in 1981, Tehran, Iran. She started her education in natural science program, but for higher education she decided to follow her passion and began on art major. After four years of art studies (painting), she graduated summa cum laude from the Azad Art & Architecture University of Tehran.

While trying hard to have her work put in exhibitions, Nirvana found it close to impossible to do so in the Islamic Republic, as she often uses the human body as the basis of her work. In 2015 Nirvana decided to take up on an opportunity to move to Sweden and in the process rediscovered her passion once more to continue in the art of painting.


Nazim Benli was born on May 13, 1982 in Ankara. He graduated from Mathematic Department at Ankara University. His interest in photography started when he was in high school. He began his photo journey by taking portrait and landscape pictures with his first amateur Nikon camera. His growing interest in photography turned to a passion in university study period. He moved to Sweden in 2010 and started to be professionally engaged in photography. He likes to stage his photo shoots on the public events and portraits. Some of his works were published in various magazines, newspapers and internet pages. His current works mostly on photographing the portraits of old people.


Karim Mortada is a visual artist based in Malmö, Sweden. He studied Applied Arts, BFA, under the graphic department at e High Institute of Applied Arts, Egypt and recently, obtained a MA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts) in London. He composes dense prints by using various medias such as painting, photography and computer manipulation, this creates distinct forms and colours which introduces symbolic icons and figures to further enhance his work.

Visual Artist


Own personal experiences e.g. the Arab Spring and political events also heavily in influence his work. In relation to this, he finds humour as a sense of light, yet a smart approach to convey critical subjects. therefore, humour is his tool to communicate politically driven concepts as well as controversial matters such as consciousness and psychedelics. e aim of his practice is to discuss the control of consciousness, how can we break free from this control and what means can be taken to question traditional ways of thinking.

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