Migration and Representations of Conflict and Vulnerability

Kvinnor I Transit is the brainchild of fellow activist and researcher, Sara El Emir.
According to Sara, the inspiration for the series ‘Kvinnor I Transit’ came from her
commitment during her travels through Central America. “It is important to
visualize other stories, especially of girls and women, viewed from the violent
contexts, as these stories are completely invisible. Based on my own experience
from the margins, it is also important for me to lift voices from other places and
strengthen them where it is most needed,” writes Sara.

Kvinnor I Transit





On the 12 th of October 2017, Migration Memory Encounter collaborated with
Kvinnor I Transit for a weeklong exhibition and public discussion at the city
library on the groundbreaking photography series of three amazing
photographers – Encarni Pindado, Consuelo Pagaza and Quetzalli Nicte Ha


In a field mostly dominated by men who end up framing the narrative behind
migration and movements, the women behind Kvinnor I Transit defied many
stereotypes and challenges stacked against them to record the journey of not just
women but many who have decided to undergo the difficult and dangerous
journey through Central America to reach the USA via Mexico.


During the public discussion at the city library with Encarni Pindalo and Sara ElEmir questions on importance of their work, documenting as aninsider/outsider, the danger of working as a female activist/photographer inCentral America, photography of immigrants as a subjective or objective processand many more were tackled.To read more about Kvinnor I Transit and see some of the photographs exhibitedvisit their Facebook page

Migration and Representations of Conflict and Vulnerability


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