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Migration Memory Encounters (MME) began in 2016-2017 by connecting and making visible and engaging cultural practitioners with differentiated reference and expression frameworks with both an old and a new audience in Malmö, Sweden. MME in the first year collaborated and created four thematic public seminars, exhibitions, theaters based on topics related to migration.


In the second year, 2017-2018, MME will carry on the first year's process results to other cities and regions in order to proceed in two given tracks; creating a space for the professional artists and for the immigrants in various forms of artistic expressions such as photography, film, music, writing, etc. in order to convey their own stories of memories and migration, regardless of language skills.


The second track will create a space for a thematic public discussion forum with quarterly arrangements around keen political and social topics based upon literature, art, film and activism.

-Exhibition Curator: Samaneh Roghani



Sabra Emadi



Mamak Babak Rad  





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Multifaceted exhibition: Fragmentary Life / Fragmentariskt Liv




Presenting Migration Memory Encounters and Creative Language Room

Migration Memory Encounters and Creative Language Room presents the exhibition Fragmentary Life

As the trajectory of a falcon, underscored by the rhythm provided by musicians Nariman Hodjati and Masih Madani, elegant Iranian dancer-choreographer Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam spun dervish-like in a widening gyre, his svelte movements embracing the widening world of the arts, from the subatomic tracery of its paints and inks to the furthest reaches of its Diasporas. 


The exhibition took place June 1-12 at Jaktpaviljongen in Folkets park, Malmö – Sweden and the opening of the exhibition was at Saturday June 2:nd.

In order to make the city even more democratic, permissive, welcoming and available to all of us, we at Migration Memory Encounters and Creative Language Room redefined our common city together and created and curated the exhibition Fragmentary Life.


The exhibition included artworks within music, visual arts, literature and film. The ideas of identity, community and belonging were discussed and challenged to find different ways of purpose and context, for life at large and for the participants current fragmentary life.

Thanks to the participants; asylum seekers and newly arrived immigrants, The Swedish Arts Council, The County Administrative Board of Skåne, Malmö municipality, ABF and Feminist Dialog.

Explosion, Ansikte(Amin Ali zadeh)

The Waiting

(Jalal Heidary)

The Journey

(Ali Zeeshan) 



Not Malmö

A video made by : Kebbe, Abdul Khan, Hamid, Mohammad Javad, Ali Jafari, Ali, Reza, Ali

This video was realized during a collective documentary workshop imported by Daniel Ulacia

Jag är en Maniska

(Ali Asghar Jaffari)

Be your Brand

(Collective photography)

Våra Liv & Arbete

(Sayed Hasan Mosavi - Yones Alizadeh)



Abdul Khan 
Ali Asghar Jaffari 
Ali Zeeshan 
Mohammad Javad Khalil Zadeh 
Qurban Shirzad

Filmmaker: Daniel Ulacia

This Song Must Be


(Rasttat Baden )

Lyric and music : Rasttat Baden

Directed by: Faryad Sayadi

Actors: Atoosa Farahmand ,

Mohammad Javad Khalil Zadeh

Director of photography : Mehdi Saleki

Edited and Granding by: Mehdi Saleki

Coordinator: Shirin Ardalan

On route from Iran to Turkey

Ashraf Sediqi: In groups of seven or eight people, we sat in the tailgate of a car.

We had to be quiet until the driver opened the tailgate and let us get out, every six or seventh hour.  A Comfortable Chair Towards  Freedom!


Photographer: Ashraf Sediqi

Seminars 01
Seminars 02
Seminars 03
Seminars 04
Seminars 07
Seminars 06
Seminars 08
Seminars 09
Seminars 10
Seminars 11
Seminars 12
Seminars 13
Seminars 14
Seminars 15
Seminars 16
Seminars 17
Seminars 18
Seminars 19
Seminars 20
Seminars 21

Art, migration

and life as an young asylum seeker or newly arrived immigrants

Art, migration and life as an young asylum seeker or newly arrived immigrants were discussed at the seminar at Saturday June 2:nd, between 12-3 pm in Spegelsalen at Moriskan.


The first seminar concerned the opportunities and difficulties of the civil society when working with asylum seekers and integration in the society.

The second seminar addressed language cafes, language development and integration within the society.


Thanks to the participants; asylum seekers and newly arrived immigrants, The Swedish Arts Council, The County Administrative Board of Skåne, Malmö municipality, ABF and Feminist Dialog.


Seminar 1

Iransk Svenska Solidaritetsföreningen

Asylgruppen Malmö

Förvarsgruppen Syd

Lund University


Seminar 2

Garagets språkcafé

ABF:s språkcafé

Kreativt Språkbruk



 Jalal Heidary, Sayed Hasan Mosavi, Yones Alizadeh, Shirin Ardalan

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in collaboration with

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