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Queering Memory
into Space (LGBTQAI+)

 “Queer(ing) Memory Into Space” was the first thematic forum of the Conversation Series of Migration Memory Encounters project (MME) took place on Nov 3rd 2018 (12-4 pm) at Garaget in Malmö, Sweden.

The aim was creating a platform for a dynamic, interactive, inclusive, diverse and multiple panel discussions/talks about queer (LGBTQIA) as well as to queer space for everyone to talk.

Migration Memory Encounters project (MME) was formed in 2017 to create a platform for the various art forms from migrant artists to showcase their work and begin a vital conversation with the Swedish society. At the beginning of the project, a dialogue was started on the forgotten artists who have seemingly been lost and those who have kept their work aside to pursue putting their lives back in order some continue working on new materials while some are not quite sure if to continue or not.

The second track aims in creating a thematic public discussion forum with arrangements on important political and social topics but based on literature, art, film, and activism. A series of conversations with a mix of authors, artists and activists. The purpose of which is to explore interesting intersections about identity, power, creativity, gender, sexuality, diaspora and ethnicity in the face of the audience.


Parvin Ardalan

Mamak Babak- Rad

Rena Baledi

Ana Maria Bermeo

Jude Dibia

Ramona Dima
Simona Dumitru

Eda Farsakoglu

Philippe Jacques
Armando Perla






Border Regims

and Queer Migration


Alquimit Alhamad

visual artist and activist

Salma Afash

writer, filmmaker, nerd and most importantly human

Moderated by

Eda Farsakoglu

a doctoral researcher

Saving My Activist Selfhood


Moderated by

Simona Dumitru 

Ines Lukac

Ramona Dima


Saving my activist selfhood - Ramona Dima, Ines Lukac Moderated by Simona Dumitru
00:00 / 00:00


Belonging - Black Queer Diasporas


Jason Dean


Sarah Nakito


Navigating Belonging - Black Queer Diasporas - Jason Dean Holness-Vandercamp, Sarah Nakito
00:00 / 00:00

Queerness and Representation, Who Can Be Lesbian?


Rena Baledi

Nioosha Shams


Migration and Exile


Saideh Saadet-Lendle

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Violence Section of Lesbian Consulting Berlin (LesMigraS)

Translated by Martin Joormann


Queerness, Migration and Exile - Saideh Saadat
00:00 / 00:00

A Trip in


Escorting in Europe


Antonella Lerca

Presented by Simona Dumitru


A Trip in Transgender Escorting in Europe - Antonella Lerca* Presented by Simona Dumitru
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Daniel Arzola

(Maracay, May 6, 1989) is a visual artist, Human rights activist and lecturer winner of a Trailblazer Honor Award of Logo TV for its contribution to the LGBTQ community. Daniel Arzola popularized the term "Artivism" being the creator "No Soy Tu Chiste" (I'm Not a Joke) a series of posters with approaches that face homophobia and transphobia, work that was also translated into twenty languages and supported via Twitter by the American singer Madonna.

Presented by Armando Perla


ARTIVISM! - Daniel Arzola Presented by Armando Perla
00:00 / 00:00

Breaking the Space


Choregraphed by

Philippe Jacques