The effects of migration on Memory

A focus on drama/theatre


The Journeys of Memories in Migration

The visual artists








Escape, Anticipating 

Collaborates with feministisk

festival and

Feminist dialog

Women in Transit

Migration and Representations of Conflict and Vulnerability

Dance and performance  
Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam

Multifaceted exhibition:  Fragmentary Life /  Fragmentariskt Liv 

Presenting by Migration Memory Encounters and Creative Language Room






Queering Memory into Space (LGBTQAI+)

The first Conversation Series of Migration Memory Encounters project

African Diasporic Talks 

Conversations on Blackness, Beauty, and States of Being


Presented by Migration Memory Encounters and Rörelsernas museum (the Museum of Movements)







 Presenting by Migration Memory Encounters and Others

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